Our purpose and strategy

Our purpose is to build a healthier nation through: outstanding day-to-day services; free-to-access flagship programmes that address unmet health needs; partnering with local groups to increase our access to those living on lower resources, or underserved communities; and collaborating on research to improve health outcomes. We work together to make the nation fitter, healthier, happier and stronger.

Our strategy:

Nuffield Health’s strategy is determined by our board of governors, who are both directors of the organisation and the trustees of the not-for-profit organisation. The governors delegate day-to-day executive authority to the group chief executive.

We introduced a new strategy in 2016 to support the vision of One Nuffield Health. This new 10-year vision and strategy is designed to ensure we can grow and achieve our charitable purpose.

Quite simply, it defines how we will succeed.

Our clear vision for the organisation stands on some simple principles. From providing activities that contribute to and increase the public benefit, to delivering consistent, high-quality care for our customers and patients, we work hard to build loyalty with our customers, patients and providers. We want to provide best-in-class connected health and wellbeing services for our customers and patients. We work hard to ensure our financial sustainability and make sure we are able to reinvest every year, so we can continue to improve infrastructure, complete refurbishments or enhance the skills of our staff to make sure we are looking and working at our best at all times.