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Considering private medical treatment at The Edinburgh Clinic?


Do you have Private Medical Insurance?

At The Edinburgh Clinic we welcome insured patients and we make the process of applying to your health insurer quick and simple. Here we break down the typical stages our insured patients go through from an initial GP referral to a private health insurance application for cover to treatment.

1) First you will almost certainly require a referral from your GP or healthcare provider. This is a pre-requisite for many treatments at The Edinburgh Clinic and will be required by your medical insurer

2) Where you plan claiming treatment on your private medical insurance we recommend you contact your insurer in advance of booking any appointment with us to check they will cover your consultation and treatment.

3) Before making an appointment with us, we will inform you of the cost of your initial consultation and provide an indication of what anticipated costs will be incurred thereafter. After you have seen your consultant, you will be given a competitively priced bespoke cost.

4) Once your appointment is confirmed you will require a pre-authorisation number from your insurer. We can help with all the forms and questionnaires you have to complete.

5) The cost of any consultation, diagnostic test or treatment will be settled in advance or when you arrive at our day case hospital facility for your particular appointment. Our friendly reception team will be on hand to process credit and debit card payments or you can pay with cash, cheque or BACS. Our efficient team will also ensure that any further appointments are made with you at this time.

You can of course self-pay for treatment at The Edinburgh Clinic. Click here to see our guide prices for treatments.

We reserve the right to charge a cancellation fee if you cancel any appointment within seven days of your scheduled appointment or admission date.
We are covered by all major insurers.

They include the following:

  • BUPA

  • SAGA

  • Aviva

  • CS Healthcare

  • Freedome Healthnet

  • General & Medical Health Insurance

  • AXA Health

  • Pru Health

  • Standard Life Health Insurance

  • Simply Health


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