You are here: Home Blog Discover how The Edinburgh Clinic can help you reshape your body by transferring naturally occurring fat from one part of your body to areas in need of a lift

Discover how The Edinburgh Clinic can help you reshape your body by transferring naturally occurring fat from one part of your body to areas in need of a lift

Fat transfer

People often find that they have areas of the body which are sunken, shapeless, the wrong size or simply not as rounded as they would like – this might include the cheeks, the bust or the buttocks.

Meanwhile, there may be other parts which are abundant in ‘spare material’ – for example in fatty build ups on the thighs, upper arms or just above the hips on the ‘love handles’. Happily, there’s a way to solve one problem with another.

In other words, by expertly withdrawing fat cells from the areas where there is an excess, The Edinburgh Clinic can add improved shape and volume to those parts you would prefer to show off a bit more.

It’s not just about achieving a curvier shape though, as Fat Transfer surgery (sometimes known as lipomodelling) can also be used to assist with more reconstructive surgeries, such as facial scars and deformities and even the recovery from a mastectomy.

How is Fat Transfer different from implants or fillers?

Whatever the purpose of your Fat Transfer surgery, one of the main appealing factors for patients is the fact that rather than using silicone implants, the alterations are achieved using the patient’s own tissue. There’s also the added benefit of simultaneously slimming certain areas as part of the process.

So, how does Fat Transfer surgery work?

After your consultation, the first step in the fat transfer process is the use of syringes to withdraw the fat from the chosen areas. This, and the subsequent stages will take place under either general or local anaesthetic, depending on your individual circumstances and the advice of your consultant.

Once the correct quantity of fat has been extracted, it is cleaned using special equipment, to ensure that any impurities are excluded during the final stage.

Once cleansed the fat is injected back into the body, this time in the spots chosen for enhancement, and the procedure is completed.


What are the after effects of Fat Transfer surgery? Will I need to stay in hospital?

The visible impacts of Fat Transfer will include redness around the treated areas, as well as the possibility of minor bruising and swelling, which can be expected to disappear within a week or so. Although there will be some small scars, these will generally be in areas with natural skin creases and hidden from view.

As with most surgeries, it’s important that you rest and recuperate after the Fat Transfer procedure, and avoid strenuous exercise for a number of weeks afterwards. Again, this is something you should discuss with your consultant prior to your surgery.

What else do I need to know about Fat Transfer Surgery?

Although Fat Transfer is a very safe and non-intrusive approach to cosmetic surgery, it’s important to be sure that it is what you want and that it is the right approach for you.

As with all surgeries, there is also the small risk of excessive bleeding, blood clotting, infection or allergic reaction to anaesthetic. (source: NHS)

Fully discussing the likely benefits and risks of the procedure is essential before you decide to proceed, and your consultant will be happy to fully advise you, without any pressure to undertake the surgery.

The Edinburgh Clinic also encourages you to carry out your own research into the procedure as well as our surgical team to consider their past record, experience in this area and past patient satisfaction. Much of this information can be found on the website of the General Medical Council.

Finally, prospective patients should keep in mind that the results may not exactly match expectations and more than one surgical session may be needed to achieve the desired outcomes. This is because the amount of fat that can be injected in a single session is limited, and more fat may be required for some contouring objectives.

To take the next steps in arranging Fat-Transfer Surgery, get in touch with us by calling 0131 447 2340 or use our enquiry form.

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