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Lead Ophthalmic Nurse, Craig Macdonald, explains more about our Eye services at The Edinburgh Clinic, specifically what services we offer at the Eye Clinic, what patients need to know before their eye appointment and how many Ophthalmologists we have at The Edinburgh Clinic.

1) Why should people go to The Edinburgh Clinic for the Eye Clinic?

CM: “Fast access, consultant led, customised treatment options in a nice warm, friendly environment.”

 2) What services do we offer at the Eye Clinic?

CM: “At The Edinburgh Clinic we offer a wide range of eye treatments”


3) What do patients need to know before their eye appointment?

CM: “Drops will be put in your eyes so you won’t be able to drive afterwards & may be more comfortable wearing dark glasses. If you wear contact lens check with our team prior to your appointment to leave lenses out (Varies for soft/hard lenses). It is also handy to bring in previous prescriptions/spectacles for distance & reading & details of your optician.”


4) How many Ophthalmologists are there at The Edinburgh Clinic?

CM: “At The Edinburgh Clinic we have a number of Ophthalmologists with various specialities.”

Meet our Ophthalmologists here or enquire for an appointment here

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