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Frequently asked questions and answers from our Nursing team


Nursing FAQ’s 

Our Nursing team answer the frequently asked questions before coming to The Edinburgh Clinic…

1) What do I need to know before my appointment with the nurses?

This really depends on what you are coming to see the nurses for. If you are seeing us to have a blood test there is usually no preparation required – very occasionally you will need to fast before-hand but this would be explained to you at time of booking your appointment.
If you are attending for a Medical, again there is no prior preparation required but the nurses will give a full explanation once you are at The Clinic.

2) What can I expect from the Nursing Team at The Edinburgh Clinic?

At the Edinburgh Clinic you can expect a high level of professional care at all times from one of our experienced nursing team. You will always be treated with the utmost Privacy and Dignity and your care will be carried out in a non-judgmental and confidential manner.
You can expect to be seen in a timely manner and to be treated in a clean and friendly environment.

3) Do I need to take my medication before surgery?

This depends on what medication you are on. If you are having a General Anaesthetic, you will have a pre-assessment with one of our nurses, who will advise you as to whether to take or omit your medication. If your operation is under Local Anaesthetic there are generally less restrictions but you would be advised in advance if you need to stop any of your tablets.

4) Do I need to bring dressing-gown and slippers when I come for my operation?

No, you won’t need either of these with you. We will provide you with a gown and slipper socks to wear during your operation and a dressing-gown if required. 

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