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Getting an MRI Scan in Edinburgh; what can private patients expect from a Health Screening at The Edinburgh Clinic


What’s ScanPlus? I asked my wife. She said “It’s one morning in Edinburgh and if you’re lucky, years more with me.”

In this article, we cover all key information patients seek when they enquire about booking an MRI scan as part of a ScanPlus health screening at The Edinburgh Clinic.

What is ScanPlus?

This is our most in-depth health assessment. During this assessment you will spend 45 minutes with our nurse, 30 minutes with our Private GP, 90 minutes with your imaging team for your MRI and 30 minutes with the cardiologist for those who choose ScanPlus-Cardio.

What does ScanPlus include?


– Health questionnaire and full medical examination
– Height, weight, BMI check
– Height/waist ratio
– Body composition
– Urinalysis


– Peak flow and oxygen sats
– Spirometry if abnormal peak flow


– Pulse and blood pressure
– Resting ECG
– QRisk assessment for heart disease and Diabetes

– Full Blood Count
– Liver function
– Lipids including Cholesterol
– Kidney function
– Thyroid function
– Blood glucose (finger prick test) HbA1c if normal
– PSA (Prostate Cancer Screening or Ca125 (Ovarian Cancer Screening)

External genitalia or breast examination:
– For men: IPSS Questionnaire (assessment prostate function)

Head and Torso MRI:
– MRI brain and neck and abdomen and pelvis

When do I get the results of my MRI scan?

Any abnormal results will be given over the phone to allow discussion and advice on further action. You will receive a full report within 15 working days including a CD copy of your images. One you have received your results you can book a 15 minute face to face or telephone consultation with our Private GP to discuss your report in more detail at an additional charge of £100.

What if something is found during my medical or in my results?

Our Private GP is able to arrange further investigation or assessment by one of our many specialist Consultants following discussion. If you prefer we can send the information to your GP for them to arrange further assessment.

Is the MRI scan safe?

An MRI scanner makes use of magnetic fields instead of x-rays and current research shows MRI scanning is safe, making it ideal for the whole body imaging.

What does ScanPlus cost at The Edinburgh Clinic?

Our ScanPlus health assessment costs from £995 per person. We offer a £50 discount when you book as a couple. We also offer special corporate rates for our Health Screening packages.

Booking an appointment

Please call us on 0131 447 2340 or email and we will check availability and book your ScanPlus. You will be emailed a questionnaire to complete prior to attending your appointment.

In addition to ScanPlus, our Health Screening packages include Well-Man and Well-Woman, Mole Health Check, ScanPlus Cardio and Osteoporosis Screening. Learn more

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