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How to choose the best size and shape of implants for your Breast Enlargement?


If you’re concerned about the size or shape of your breasts and considering Breast Augmentation surgery, then foremost in your mind will be how to select the shape and size of implants most appropriate and proportionate for your body.

Breast enlargement surgery, also known as a ‘boob job’, is the most common type of cosmetic surgery procedure carried out in the U.K. and has changed the lives of many women, boosting their confidence and self-esteem..

Women may choose to undergo breast enlargement to:

  • Boost their cup size if they feel their bust did not develop to their desired size during puberty.

  • Balance out asymmetry where one breast is bigger than the other.

  • Restore volume and shape after a pregnancy or significant weight loss.

  • Reconstruct breasts after a procedure such as a mastectomy.

  • Improve their self-esteem and confidence.

At The Edinburgh Clinic we offer various implants (teardrop or round implants & saline or silicone implants) in a wide range of sizes, with 300cc to 400cc implants the most common sizes. We only fit high quality, FDA-approved implants, with breast augmentation surgery prices from £3,950.

To help our patients choose the right implant size, our experienced team will spend time talking through your needs and exploring the various options available. An appointment with one of our leading consultant surgeons will help answer all your questions about fit, safety and recovery.

If you are looking to boost your cup size to restore or enhance breast volume or you seek a breast reconstruction, take a look at our breast augmentation page, where you’ll find handy FAQ’s.

To see the price range for our breast augmentation procedures, click here

Consultant Plastic Surgeon Mr Will Anderson said that “The evidence supports the use of round implants over shaped. Also the importance of choosing the right implant to fit your body is crucial along with having a shared vision with the patient of their aesthetic goal.”

Hear more from Mr Will Anderson below about what patients can expect from The Edinburgh Clinic’s cosmetic service. 


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