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MRI Scans – Frequently asked questions and answers from our Imaging team


How do I get a scan?

In order for anyone to obtain a medical scan or X-Ray we require a referral from a Doctor, usually a GP, or specialist Consultant or in some cases Physiotherapists 

What can The Edinburgh Clinic offer in terms of Radiology?

Here at the Edinburgh clinic, we can offer MRI and CT scans, DEXA scans, Plain X ray’s, and ultrasound scans. We can also perform interventional procedures such as guided steroid injections and arthrograms. 

Many people are scared of getting scans due to claustrophobia, what can you recommend to make them relax for their scan?

People who are claustrophobic can find MRI scans intimidating, however sometimes it’s the fear of the unknown. We can offer clients to come in prior to their appointments to have a look at the MRI scanner and ask questions. They can try lying on the scan table and make use of different methods to alleviate their claustrophobia such as going in feet first (if possible) and we can cut scan times to a minimum. Patients can use an eye mask so they don’t have to see what is going on and smaller pillows can be used. MRI scanners can also be noisy when running, so we can play relaxing music or clients can bring their own music to calm them.  We can reassure patients during this visit that we are here to help them in any way we can so that they can have the most relaxing experience possible. 

What should a patient know before coming for an MRI scan?

We try to advise all patients of any preparation prior to their scan. With regards to MRI, the main checks are related to safety. MRI uses a strong magnetic field which is on in the scan room all the time, in order for anyone to go into the room we have to check that it is safe to do so.  We will ask all patients to complete a MRI safety questionnaire and go through this verbally with them prior to their scan.   

When do I get my results from my scan?

Scan results are sent back to the referring doctor, typically within a few days, patients can then arrange to obtain their results from their referring clinician. 

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