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Staying Well In Winter


The winter months can be associated with a number of things but getting colds, flu like illnesses and feeling run down are unfortunately some of the less desirable ones but there are a lot of things you can do to maintain your health over the darker months. 

We asked our GP Dr Carrie McCrea to give some advice to help see us through the winter months well.

  1. Think about what you want from new forms of exercise rather than jumping in. 

Exercise fundamentally should be fun. There are often lots of new exercise trends which may tick this box but its also worth considering what will work for you,your body and your lifestyle. It’s easy to neglect one or more of the key components of a fitness programme but by finding a good and enjoyable balance of cardiovascular, strength and flexibility based exercises you will see the benefits to your physical and mental health. These changes don’t have to be scary or daunting but they can make a significant difference to your wellbeing. 

  1. Develop keeping well strategies

We all know prevention is better than cure and the same applies to your health. I would encourage everyone to be proactive in this and to take careful consideration of factors such as sleep, nutrition, infection control measures and stress management techniques.

  1. Get your Vitamin D level checked

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient for your immune system, muscle function and many other things but it can be hard, if not impossible, to get enough from the limited Scottish sunshine and you can also get very little from your diet. Blood testing over the winter months can help identify this deficiency early and allow you to prevent the issues that can potentially arise. 

  1. Balance is key

Often we go from one extreme to the other: from doing little physical activity and fully enjoying festivities over the holiday period to doing an array of exercises and crash dieting at the start of the New Year.  This extreme change of routine can sometimes cause new problems as the body doesn’t have the opportunity to adapt to new challenges. New starts are fantastic but make sure you do this in a structured and guided way to avoid injury or illness. 

  1. Get advice on improving wellness

You don’t have to wait until you get ill.  Come for a Private GP/ Sports and Exercise Medicine appointment and we can offer advice on ways to try and feel not just well but feel better.  An individualised approach to health is essential to maximise the benefits and the likelihood that any plan put together works for you and your lifestyle. 

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