Consultant Services

The Edinburgh Clinic Private Day-Case Hospital provides the following services to Consultants and/Referring Clinicians:

General services 

  • Operational services to ensure a smooth patient pathway as part of normal business such as patient admission, administrative and billing

  • Insurance and indemnity cover in respect of the treatment of national health service patients

Basic workplace amenities 

  • Including tea and coffee

  • Stationary to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally

  • Mail and post-room services to the extent that they are available to staff and persons working at the facility generally

General marketing and promotional services to be able to operate a commercial business, including but not limited to:

  • Production of consultant directories

  • Production of facility branded business cards and correspondence material

  • Production of marketing material and literature, including GP and direct to patient mailers

  • Production of advertisements and media placements to promote the services of the business

  • GP educational events with a Consultant speaker from The Edinburgh Clinic

  • Promotional items including branded post-it notes, pens, mugs

  • Open events for patient education with Consultant speakers from The Edinburgh Clinic

General corporate hospitality, proportionate and reasonable to the nature of the business including

  • An annual Consultant Christmas party to the value of £3000

  • Two other yearly GP/Consultant social dinners/events to the value of £2500 each

  • A quarterly dinner for Medical Advisory Committee Members to the total value of £1000

  • Christmas gifts to consultants/GPs to the total value of £1000

  • Quarterly sponsorship of local GP Practice Manager meetings to the value of £100 each

Higher-value services

  • All Consultants with practicing privileges who use sessional outpatient room space are issued a Consulting Room License. The cost per hour for utilising rooms is £10 per patient at The Edinburgh Clinic, £45 per hour for Medical Legal work at The Edinburgh Clinic

  • Where Consultants utilise fixed space within the facility (i.e. not on a sessional basis) this is charged to the Consultant under an Accommodation Agreement at £20/sqft/annum

  • All Consultants are offered on an equitable basis access to in-house provided secretarial services. This service is charged out at £25 per hour