Mr Joshua Francois

Advanced Podiatry Practitioner

QualificationsBSc Sports Science and Management, BSc Podiatry, MSc Principles of Podiatric Surgery

Main NHS base:

  • NHS Lothian

Member of:

  • Health & Care Professions Council
  • College of Podiatry

Clinical interests:

  • Conservative treatment and management of foot and ankle pathology
  • Tendon injury and rehabilitation
  • Management of arthritic joints within the foot
  • Sports injury
  • Injury prevention
  • Running technique and performance

Fees, Training & Background:

A degree in Sports Science and Management provided foundations in physiology, kinesiology, anatomy and psychology prior to training as a Podiatrist at the University of Salford, a Podiatry school chosen because of their leading biomechanics department. Once qualified as a Podiatrist in 2012 I was keen to further my knowledge and specialise in foot and ankle surgery. A Master’s degree in the principles of podiatric surgery followed, which has enhanced my practice in all areas including pharmacology, surgical intervention and diagnostics.

My expertise in Podiatry coupled with a lifelong interest in sport particularly running, speed and agility underpin my interests and motivation to keep my clients active.

I have been working concurrently in both the NHS and private practice in London before moving to Edinburgh in 2021 for exciting roles at NHS Lothian and now Nuffield Health Edinburgh Hospital.


Personal website address: