Free eye checks at capital clinic as part of one-stop-shop for eye surgery

The Edinburgh Clinic are now offering free eye clinics for patients as part of a growing portfolio of eye procedures.

The clinic’s first in-house optometrist, Leila Raeburn, is offering free checks for patients requiring potential cataract, refractive and clear lens exchange surgery.

Part of a long-term plan to offer patients a one-stop-shop when it comes to eye treatment and surgery, The Edinburgh Clinic appointed Leila earlier this year as optometrist in residence to join the large team of specialist ophthalmologists.

Supported by the ophthalmic nursing staff, patients attending free clinics will be able to get full diagnostic tests as per a consultation with a consultant and leave with their results, information and advice on surgery options.

A recent patient to have refractive lens replacement in both eyes is radio broadcaster and voice over actor, Scott Wilson. One of the country’s most recognisable voices, Scott had reached the point where he wanted to be glasses free. After having two procedures carried out earlier this year, Scott now no longer needs to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Scott will be the face of a six-week campaign aiming to encourage more Scots to attend a free eye check and assess their suitability to be glasses free.

Similar to cataract removal, refractive replacement surgery involves replacing the natural lens with an artificial one with a specific prescription to resolve common focusing or ‘refractive’ conditions. A premium multifocal lens option is available at The Edinburgh Clinic, offering patients excellent vision at all distances, under all lighting conditions, and can result in clear vision without the need for glasses.

 Alasdair Muir, Clinic Manager, said: “Our free clinics will offer patients an easy and convenient way of having their eyes checked by our expert team. They will be assessed and if suitable, they will be offered the very best advice.

“The Edinburgh Clinic is now able to offer a one-stop-shop for eye health and surgical procedures with a wide range of treatment options combined with the latest technology.

“Early detection and treatment for eye issues is incredibly important. The facilities at The Edinburgh Clinic, coupled with the skills and expertise of the ophthalmic team, can mean patients are able to resume their daily lives within a matter of days and, in some cases, stop wearing glasses altogether.”

Dr Naing Tint, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, said: “Refractive lens replacement is becoming increasingly popular and can offer excellent results with no injections. In as little as 90 minutes patients can be in and out of theatre and at home with improved vision in just 24-48 hours.”

Common refractive conditions resolved by lens replacement surgery can include farsightedness where the eye doesn’t bend properly to a single focus so that close-up objects appear blurred and nearsightedness, which is similar but when distance vision appears blurred. The surgery can also correct astigmatism which can result in distorted vision from an irregularly curved cornea and presbyopia which is the natural aging of the eye.

Watch Scott’s video to find out more about his surgery.


Date: 03/07/2019