Edinburgh ENT Surgeon Mr Alex Bennett performs pioneering hearing surgery

A pioneering procedure that uses a piece of rib and bone conduction implant to treat a man's hereditary deafness has been carried out by Edinburgh ENT Surgeon Mr Alex Bennett.

Brian Hogg, 29, of Edinburgh - the recipient of the device - was born with Treacher Collins syndrome, a genetic disorder that affects the development of the head and neck. Because of this, he is unable to wear hearing aid devices that loop around the top of the ear. Mr Hogg also received surgery to reconstruct his ear using bone from one of his ribs.

Mr Bennett fitted the device, called a Bonebridge implant, at the City's NHS Lauriston Buildings. He said: "This is a truly innovative procedure and I'm sure the device will make a significant difference to Brain and many other patients like him. The Bonebridge implant is intended to improve hearing by replicating the actions of the ear drum. A discreet audio processor, which is attached to the patient's head, picks up sound waves which are then amplified by the implant and passed to the inner ear through the skull bone. Those waves are then interpreted by the brain as sound."

Mr Hogg said that since undergoing the procedure his experience of sound has become noticeably improved: "The sound quality is much better and I can hear noises at a distance now, which my previous device didn't pick up. The implant is so light, it's practically weightless."

Brian Hogg with ENT Surgeon Mr Alex Bennett.

Mr Alex Bennett offers a private ENT service at The Edinburgh Clinic.

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Date: 26/04/2013
By: Alex Bennett