Edinburgh private clinic recognises the importance of lung cancer early detection

(15th January 2014) LungHealth UK and The Edinburgh Clinic are proud to announce a collaboration which will provide a private lung cancer early detection service for patients in Edinburgh and the surrounding area. In addition to the distinctive LungCheck service provided by LungHealth UK, patients at The Edinburgh Clinic will also be given a lung function test to check their lung capacity by the means of spirometry, adding value to the assessment of their risk of developing lung cancer. 

This new service comprises of spirometry (lung function test) and a unique blood test (EarlyCDT® - Lung).  EarlyCDT®-Lung is believed to be seven times more likely to correctly detect lung cancer than CT scanning alone (see LungCheck).  If the test results are abnormal the patient will be invited for consultation with Dr Kristopher Skwarski or Dr Adam Hill, Respiratory Consultants at The Edinburgh Clinic*.

Consultant Respiratory Physician at The Edinburgh Clinic, Dr Skwarski says, “Early detection of lung cancer provides the best chance of cure of this common cancer.  Due to lack of the sensitive screening methods and specific clinical symptoms, lung cancer is diagnosed late and current survival rates are poor.  The Edinburgh Clinic in conjunction with LungHealth UK is offering a service for patients who might have increased risk of developing lung cancer to get their ‘lung health’ checked and be given expert advice and necessary help”.

The importance of detecting lung cancer early has been highlighted recently in many news articles. It has been reported that ‘Lung cancer causes almost a quarter of all cancer deaths in Scotland’1 and ‘female incidence rates have increased’2. On a positive note it has also been said that ‘the proportion of lung cancer patients alive a year after diagnosis has improved significantly’and that ‘the rise is due to improvements in treatments and earlier diagnoses’.3

Around 41,500 people are diagnosed with lung cancer each year in the UK and over 35,000 die of the disease. The majority of people with the early stages of lung cancer have no apparent symptoms but the prognosis can be significantly improved by early detection.

Clinical Director for LungHealth UK, Mr Francis Wells says, “We are delighted to be working with The Edinburgh Clinic to be able to provide their clients with early detection of lung cancer services. Lung cancer presents very few symptoms in the early stages of the illness so it is important for current and past heavy smokers to recognise the risk factors and to get checked.  Survival rates for the disease are poor when it is not detected early and, at present, there is no national screening programme for the disease in the UK. Early detection therefore is vital and this collaboration is definitely a step in the right direction.”





Prices: LungCheck £300

*Patient would be required to fund all on-going activity. 


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Date: 15/01/2014
By: The Edinburgh Clinic