The Edinburgh Clinic's Women's Health Service

At The Edinburgh Clinic, we are proud to offer a women's health service, which includes gynaecology assessment and treatment, urology consultation, pregnancy scanning, and fertility assessment and treatment in partnership with Glasgow Centre of Reproductive Medicine (GCRM).

Pregnancy scanning

Our pregnancy scanning service offers you fast access to a range of scans throughout your pregnancy, including Early Reassurance Scan, Anomaly Scan, and Fetal Wellbeing Scan.

Glasgow Centre of Reproductive Medicine (GCRM)

The Edinburgh Clinic and GCRM partnership began in December 2011 with the aim to offer couples and singles in Edinburgh convenient access to the specialists and treatments available at GCRM's in Glasgow. Fertility assessment and initial consultation is available in Edinburgh within the comfortable and luxurious surroundings of The Edinburgh Clinic. While a comprehensive range of fertility treatments are available at GCRM's bespoke Glasgow facilities. We aim for our partnership to offer you the best of our combined expertise in fertility medicine when you need it.


Our local expert Consultant Gynaecologist Dr Cameron Martin offers fast access to assessment and treatment of a range of gynaecology concerns, from irregular bleeding to incontinence and monpause problems.


Date: 06/11/2012
By: Hope