Patient Stories

Private GP patient








Richard, Private GP Patient
Richard was a regular patient who lives “just around the corner” and opted for our GP Service, choosing The Edinburgh Clinic because he felt it gave him “peace of mind”. Describing the whole experience as “thoroughly professional. I found the doctors well informed. And the place feels like home.”  In summing up the building Richard described it as “Well laid out and comforting.”
Eye Clinic Patient

Miriam, Eye Clinic Patient
Miriam’s optician recommended The Edinburgh Clinic to her. On attending was referred to the right surgeon to perform the operation. The staff impressed her. “You could tell everyone there was of a very high calibre,” adding “All of the nurses were very comforting, kind and showed empathy.” On her experience of the clinic Miriam told us “I found the atmosphere very relaxing.
Like I wasn’t even in a hospital. I didn’t feel like it was ‘one in, one out’ because of the attention they afforded you.”

Vascular Patient

Iain, Vascular Patient
Iain had private health insurance and was referred to our Varicose Veins Clinic.
He was familiar with the building as he used to live near the clinic when it was a family home. “in my younger days, I used to push the pram all around here.” Iain added that he found the experience: “professional, warm and welcoming, and the staff very friendly. I would have no hesitation on recommending The Edinburgh Clinic to anyone.”

Private GP patient

Samantha, Private GP Patient
Samantha chose our GP Service herself as it was close to where she lives. She came here for the ambience “because I am shy and wanted a place that was friendly. The people here were nice from the very start.” “It doesn’t feel like a hospital or a doctor’s surgery,” she said. “It’s a positive experience, not a negative experience.”
Orthopaedic Patient

Willie, Orthopaedic Patient
Willie resides in the New Town and required physio on his shoulder. He’s a dentist and understands the importance of the client experience. “I felt I got that here.” On the subject of the clinic Willie told us “I understand the appeal of the human scale of this type of building."
Eye Clinic patient

Ina, Eye Patient
Ina came to us for a cataract operation at her daughter’s suggestion and was also familiar with The Edinburgh Clinic after a previous operation. Like Iain she also remembers the building as a house. So the idea of coming here again to get her eyes sorted appealed to her a lot. When it came to her experience she is glowing in her praise. “There was absolutely no pain, I was surrounded by nice people. Overall I wouldn’t know what to say about how good they were.”