Guide Prices


Guide prices are available as an indication of what your scans or treatment may cost. Our costs are competitive and a bespoke price is available once your consultant has provided full assessment. For more information about paying for your treatment please see our information about payment and medical insurance.

The procedures listed below provide guide prices as indicative costs for some of the services available at The Edinburgh Clinic, this list is not exhaustive.  Please view our terms and conditions here relating to fixed price treatments.

Out-patients Guide price
Initial consultation with consultant from £150
Initial consultation with specialist doctor from £100
Initial consultation with a clinician or Allied Health Professional from £80
Physiotherapy initial consult (one hour appointment) from £50
Physiotherapy follow up (30 minutes) from £40
Diagnostic imaging  
MRI (one part) £475
MRI pre-biopsy prostate assessment (MRI + cost of contrast £95) £570
Limited lumbar spine MRI £145
CT (one part) £545
CT dental £90
X-ray (one part) £95
Ultrasound from £290
DXA scan £225
ECG (reported) £95
Pregnancy ultrasound scanning  
Early pregnancy scan (7-11 weeks) £95
Reassurance scan (14-24 weeks) £110
Anomaly scan (18-22 weeks) £150
Growth and continued reassurance scan (24+ weeks) £125
Pelvic US ( Gynae) £220
Non Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT) Harmony/Genesis-Serenity £500
NIPT early pregnancy scan additional (performed by sonographer) £95
Health screening  
Classic Health Assessment £375
Well Man Health Assessment £545
Well Woman Health Assessment £545
Mature Health Assessment £545
Investigations and procedures  
Bilateral breast augmentation from £3,950
Biometry (both eyes) from £150
Blepharoplasty (upper eyelid) from £2,300
Blepharoplasty (lower eyelid) from £2,500
Carpal tunnel, including endoscopic from £1,610
Cataract Surgery (one eye) * includes biometry from £2,595
Cervical Smear from £215
Circumcision from £1,495
Clear lens exchange surgery (cost of lens charged as extra) from £2,595
Dupuytren's fasciectomy palm from £1,960
Facet joint injection, X-ray guided from £1,075
Flexible cystoscopy from £995
Ganglion removal from £1,695
Microsuction of external auditory canal (excluding ENT Consultant Fee) from £191
Minor scar revision (Treatment Room Procedure) from £745
Mole removal (including pathology) from £395
Pinnaplasty from £2,499
Tummy Tuck from £4,500
Varicose veins  VENEFIT™ procedure (one leg) from £2,300
Varicose veins  VENEFIT™ procedure (both legs) from £2,800
Vasectomy from £615
Vasectomy with sedation from £995
Specialist clinics  
Allergy clinic £185
Travel Clinic (20 minutes, single item or vaccine)       £30

Cosmetic Surgery Price Guide


Price from

Consultation Fee


Breast Surgery


Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation


Bilateral Breast Augmentation Premium


Bilateral Breast Augmentation Standard


Bilateral Breast Augmentation and Maxtopexy


Breast Reduction




Removal & reinsert implants


Gynaecomastia / Man Boobs


Nipple Correction bilateral LA


Removal of implants


Implant Removal, Capsulectomy & Mastopexy £4,995

Body Surgery


Liposuction minor


Liposuction inter


Liposuction major


Mini Tummy Tuck (abdo reduction)


Fat Transfers & Grafts


Fat Transfer, minor procedure under LA


Fat Transfer, minor GA


Fat Transfer, major GA


Facial Surgery


Brow Lift


Rhinoplasty Tip


Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty LA


Pinnaplasty/Otoplasty GA


Tribal Earlobe x 2


Tribal Earlobe x 1


Split Earlobe x 1 LA




Blepharoplasty: Upper Eyes GA


Blepharoplasty: Lower Eyes GA


Blephroplasty - both Upper and Lower eyes GA


Blepharoplasty: Upper Eyes LA


Blepharoplasty: Lower Eyes LA


Blephroplasty - both Upper and Lower eyes LA


Genital Surgery


Labiaplasty GA


Labiaplasty LA


Lumps, Bumps and Cysts


Removal of Lesions: 1 minor ops


Removal of Lesions: 2    minor ops


Removal of Lesions: 3   minor ops


Excision of bcc / local flap    Theatre / or by case


Scar Revision


Scar Revision, minor procedure under LA theatre


Scar Revision major GA theatre /  or by patient


Non Surgical Treatments  
Botox 1 area £150
Botox 2 areas £275
Botox 3 areas £325
Juvederm £200
Juvederm smile £325


Please note these prices intend to act only as a guide. A full price for surgery will be provided following your initial consultation. At The Edinburgh Clinic we aim to remain transparent and competitve in our pricing policy. Please contact the Clinic directly for more information or prices.