Patient Stories


James, Orthopaedic Patient

 With a career as a pharmacist James was on his feet 8 or 9 hours a day   and eventually that takes its toll on the knees. As he is also a keen   golfer and skier, he wanted the surgery done quickly. “You have to do   these things to suit your lifestyle.” From the moment he met the   Sports medicine doctor to the day of the operation he says “I felt at   ease” He was back playing golf again in only a matter of months.




Ali, ScanPlus Patient

 It was Ali’s husband who wanted them both to have a full health check.   They chose The Edinburgh Clinic together “because we’ve only just   half a mile up the road.” Ali couldn’t praise the experience highly   enough. “There is an extremely high level of care here.” And she   described the location as “A very stress free environment.” Would   she recommend The Edinburgh Clinic to friends? “I already have.”




Kim, Eye Patient

 When Kim was diagnosed with Macular holes she was quite distressed   and explains, “I didn’t want to wait months as my eyesight was   deteriorating.” That’s when she did some Internet research and  “I   discovered that an expert surgeon I’d read about was practicing   here.” On her very first visit she “felt relaxed as soon as I came in, it   was so nice and quiet.” After her successful operation she’s pleased to   say, “I’m more confident and back to my old self again.”



Felicia, Orthopaedic Patient

Felicia does yoga, fencing, touch rugby, football, running and loves the   gym. Being so active it’s no surprise when she says “I keep breaking   myself, so thank goodness I can come to The Edinburgh Clinic and   get fixed up.” She adds, “The overall experience is amazing, no   waiting times for an MRI, it all speeds up my recovery time.” And   the thing she likes most? “ The one to one care.”




Roda, Eye Patient

 Having suffered retinal problems in the past Roda choose a retinal   expert to sort her cataracts because “I felt I needed some specialist   treatment.” She also knew “I could have the operation done   quickly.”   As a freelance book editor who depends on her eyesight for   her livelihood, that was of the utmost importance. She chose to have the   other eye done only weeks later and she’ll happily tell you “It’s allowed   me to get my life back.”