Bone Density – DEXA scan

Private DEXA scanning is available at The Edinburgh Clinic. We are the only private DEXA scanning facility in Scotland. DEXA (dual energy X-ray absorptiometry) is used for the assessment of bone density. 

During your scanning appointment you can relax in our calming, unique and quality clinical environment at The Edinburgh Clinic, while our team of experienced and fully qualified radiographers perform your scan.

Preparing for a DEXA scan

  • Continue to take any prescribed medication unless you are told otherwise.
  • If you are pregnant or there is any possibility you may be pregnant, please tell your radiographer before your scan.

What happens when you arrive for a DEXA scan?

  • Please report to the main reception area where you will be greeted by the administration staff. You will then be escorted by a member of staff to the imaging department.
  • You will be asked to complete a lifestyle questionnaire prior to your scan.
  • If you are required to change out of your clothes, a member of our imaging team will show you to a changing area. We provide gowns or tunic and trouser sets and dressing gowns for your comfort. Storage for your belongings is available, however, The Edinburgh Clinic cannot take responsibility for loss or damage to any personal belongings.

What happens during the DEXA scan?

  • A radiographer will take you into the DEXA room where they will explain what will happen during your DEXA scan.
  • Your height and weight will be measured.
  • During the procedure the scanner will move over the area to be scanned. Common scanning areas include the spine and hip.
  • The scan usually lasts between 15 and 20 minutes.

Your results

Your DEXA scan result will be reported by a subspecialist Consultant Radiologist typically within 48 hours. Results will be sent to your referring clinician directly.