Refractive and Visual Outcomes Audit

At The Edinburgh Eye Clinic, our goal is to achieve the best clinical outcomes for all our patients. Our approach combines the skills of our specialist consultants and ophthalmic nurses, supported by a dedicated ophthalmic team, providing the highest standards of patient care.

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Refractive Outcome Post Cataract Surgery Audit

As required by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists, this audit is to ensure the accuracy of the ophthalmic surgeon and biometrist for cataract patients. This audit is routinely carried out within the NHS and we have now extended this to cover our private practice.

The aims of this audit are to:

+ To compare ourselves against the benchmark standards as set by The Royal College of Ophthalmologists.
+ To identify any consistent error and adjust to further improve future outcomes


Benchmark standards RCOph 2010
“With the routine use of optical biometry when possible, modern IOL calculation formulae and optimization of A constants busy NHS departments with a variety of surgeons and biometry technicians should be able to achieve a refractive outcome within +/- 1D of the target in 85% of cases”.

1282 cases with optical biometry performed at TEC

  • 95% within 1D of target (total)
  • 97% within 1D of target (excluding pre-existing co-pathology

Post op Visual Outcomes

Cataract National Dataset Electronic Multi-centre Audit (Jaycock 2009)

Post Op BCVA (total) 91% 6/12 or better 95 % 6/12 or better
With ocular co-morbitites 80% 6/12 or better 87% 6/12 or better
Without ocular co-morbidities 95% 6/12 or better 97% 6/12 or better
With ocular co-morbitites 33% 6/6 or better 34% 6/6 or better
Without ocular co-morbidities 51 % 6/6 or better 54% 6/6 or better