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General and minor surgery

At The Edinburgh Clinic we offer private appointments for consultation and treatment with minor and general surgery specialists for the assessment and management of a range of surgical concerns. Depending on your clinical needs, certain minor surgical procedures can be carried out in our out-patient treatment room during your initial consultation, such as for mole removal, biopsy and removal of skin lesions, lumps and bumps. If your consultant or specialist recommends you return on a separate occasion to be booked in for a minor or general surgery procedure they can arrange with our friendly customer service team for an appointment to be made for you. 

Surgical procedures

Our specialists offer a range of minor and general surgical procedures at The Edinburgh Clinic for the treatment and removal of a range of concerns, including:

  • abscesses
  • anal fissure
  • benign skin naevi
  • biopsy of growths
  • breast biopsy/endometrial biopsy sample
  • burn treatment
  • Campbell de Morgan spots
  • dorsal slit for phimosis
  • fine needle aspiration and biopsy
  • foreign body removal from skin and soft tissue
  • haemorrhoids
  • in-growing toe nails
  • joint injections
  • leg vein treatment
  • lipomas/fatty tumours
  • mole and naevi removal
  • pilonidal cyst and abscess
  • pre-cancerous and cancerous skin lesions
  • skin cysts
  • skin tag and fibroepithelial polyp
  • spider veins
  • vasectomy including counselling
  • warts and verruca


A wide range of techniques can be used in minor and general surgery, here is a brief sample:

  • biopsy: the removal of tissue or sample of tissue for further investigation, or assessment of suspected disease
  • shave excision: for removal of skin blemishes and tags using a small medical blade
  • curettage: for removal of soft tissue by scraping or scooping
  • electrocautery: for removal of tissue or lesions using a small probe with an electric current running through it
  • cryotherapy: for removal of tissue or lesions using of low temperatures to freeze localised tissue

Our treatment facilities

Our consulting rooms, out-patient treatment room, day-case operating theatre and comfortable patient recovery area ensure that whatever your needs, you can relax within the calming, unique and quality clinical environment at The Edinburgh Clinic.

We aim for our service to be flexible to meet your needs, and convenient to help you get the best from your private healthcare experience at The Edinburgh Clinic.

Will it hurt?

Anaesthetic will be used appropriate to the procedure you are undergoing and whether you are having it carried out in the out-patient treatment room or day-case operating theatre. It will be administered by your experienced specialist or a consultant anaesthetist, depending on the previously mentioned criteria.

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