Health MOT

Time to give yourself a health MOT?

Whatever else your immediate priorities in life might be at the moment, surely nothing could be more important than your long term health.  The fact is, however, that too many of us give little thought to the ongoing state of our health until something goes wrong.

Arranging a routine check-up with your doctor can do much to give you peace of mind about your general health, but it might not necessarily flag-up warning signs about underlying problems that might not yet show specific symptoms but could escalate into something more serious in the future. 

That’s why we go further at The Edinburgh Clinic by offering quick and easy access to a wide range of general and specialist health screening services, designed to help individuals take greater control of their personal health and to support businesses who recognise the importance of looking after the health and wellbeing of their employees.


Are you insured?

The Edinburgh Clinic welcomes patients with private medical insurance and is recognised by all major medical insurers.

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Not insured?

We welcome patients choHIS logoosing to pay for their own treatment and offer a wide range of medical services and procedures.

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