Varicose Vein Price List

If you choose to self-fund private varicose vein treatment you can self-refer and contact the clinic directly for an appointment with a Vascular Consultant.

If you choose to use your private medical insurance you will require a referral to The Edinburgh Clinic from your GP. We recommend that you check with your insurer whether treatment will be covered by your policy.

An appointment for consultation with a Vascular Surgeon can typically be arranged within seven days of making an appointment or referral being received.

These guide prices are correct as of August 2015 for UK residents paying for their own treatment. Guide prices are available as an indication of what your scans or treatment may cost.

Self-fund guide prices
Initial consultation with a vascular consultant  £200
Initial consultation with Ultrasound £300
Follow up consultation (only for insured patients) £90
Surgical (as of August 2015)
Surgical stripping of long or short saphenous vein (unilateral) from £2,500
Surgical stripping of long or short saphenous vein (bilateral) from £3,000
Venefit™ radiofrequency ablation (unilateral) from £2,300
Venefit™ radiofrequency ablation (bilateral) from £2,800
Microsclerotheraphy (unilateral) from £450
Microsclerotheraphy (bilateral) from £650
Ultrasound-guided foam sclerotherapy (unilateral) from £750
Multiple Phlebectomy (unilateral) from £1,700
Multiple Phlebectomy (bilateral) from £2,400
Doppler ultrasound* (unilateral) £290

*All patients being assessed for varicose veins treatments will require a Doppler ultrasound. This is to assess the competency of the veins and identify which treatment would be most suitable.