Top doctors launch Scotland’s first Joint Solutions clinic

Scottish private day-case hospital, The Edinburgh Clinic, has unveiled the country’s first fully integrated orthopaedic, sports medicine and injury rehabilitation service designed to bring the same high performance level care normally associated with sports athletes to the wider public.

The launch of Joint Solutions, which is a one-stop-shop service, is ultimately aimed at helping people stay active and healthy by managing injury as well as offering bespoke fitness and health programmes.

This new service offers specialist expert advice from highly experienced senior doctors and top physiotherapists and access to state-of-the-art medical technology. Joint Solutions work with the patient to identify their health or medical problem and to plan their treatment, whether this is surgery, injections, physiotherapy or a tailored exercise programme.

The founding team includes Dr Carrie McCrea, a highly experienced Sports and Exercise Physician, Mr Tim White MD FRCS, a leading Consultant Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgeon, Mr Sam Molyneux FRCS, MSC (Hons), BMedSCi (Hons), Specialist Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon and Louise Imrie, a specialist Sports Physiotherapist with previous experience of caring for Olympic level athletes, with other leading specialists also on board.

Joint Solutions offers patients the unique opportunity to undertake an initial 25-minute consultation and examination with either a sports physician or orthopaedic surgeon (or both), an MRI scan (if required) and follow up 15-minute appointment with the clinic’s specialists to discuss the diagnosis and treatment plan. All of this takes place in one appointment at the clinic’s hospital on 40 Colinton Road.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Tim White said “Physical inactivity and obesity are the largest morbidity factors today, yet you can add quality years to your life by making the right nutrition and exercise decisions.

“For many people good exercise and nutrition aren’t always put into practice yet it’s important to consider your health inside and out. We know that people are busy and time is valuable but we’re not looking at short term fixes with Joint Solutions, we’re committed to providing our patients with the right tools to help maximise health and performance with a holistic approach all under one roof.
“This knowledge based approach to health and injury management has often been something that only athletes could access. It’s a field we’ve all specialised in for many years so it was a natural progression for us to collaborate on Joint Solutions, which we believe is Scotland’s first and only fully integrated orthopaedic, sports medicine and injury rehabilitation service.”

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Date: 20/01/2017