Mr Zahid Raza, Vascular Specialist at The Edinburgh Clinic, explains the treatment options and what patients can expect

Mr Zahid Raza, vascular specialist at The Edinburgh Clinic, explains the treatment options and what patients can expect 

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Varicose veins can affect adult men and women of all ages. It could be a result of family history, prolonged standing, heavy lifting and even pregnancy. As warmer weather over summer can make veins bulge out even more, we wanted to address the condition for those looking into private treatment. Our vascular Consultant Surgeon Mr Zahid Raza explains.

“In the last few years minimally invasive keyhole surgery has become available for the treatment of varicose veins. Gone are the days when you had a two inch cut in your groin, multiple cuts down the leg and had the vein stripped out. This procedure not only resulted in a lot of pain, bruising and high rates of infection.”

“New treatments for varicose veins means that, for most patients, only localised anaesthetic is necessary for what is essentially a day case procedure; the largest cut likely is around 2mm long. Patients should be walking almost immediately afterwards and can expect to get back to work within a week. Bruising is greatly reduced and stockings are only worn for 2 weeks. This effectively means that you and your legs recover more quickly compared to that of traditional surgery.”

“Another exciting development here at The Edinburgh Clinic is using special glue instead of microwave heat to close the vein. This treatment will soon be available with the added advantage of no general anaesthetic, one single injection and no stockings to wear afterwards.”

At The Edinburgh Clinic, we offer a wide range of veins related treatments in our state-of-the art hospital facility such as Sclerotherapy, Thread & Spider Veins, Venefit, Varicose Veins Removal, VNUS Closure, Microsclerotherapy and Phlebectomy. We maintain the highest safety standards and our patient outcomes are rated excellent.

We set up home at 40 Colinton Road, in the heart of Edinburgh, to provide the local community with fast access to all kinds of independent healthcare.

Consultant Vascular Surgeon Mr Zahid Raza spoke to The Edinburgh Clinic about removing unwanted varicose veins:

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Date: 04/05/2017