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Glaucoma ‘thief of sight’

  Dr Andrew Tatham is a leading ophthalmic surgeon and glaucoma specialist at The Edinburgh Clinic and NHS. Glaucoma is a condition feared to affect half a million people with…
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Eye Clinic FAQ’s

Lead Ophthalmic Nurse, Craig Macdonald, explains more about our Eye services at The Edinburgh Clinic, specifically what services we offer at the Eye Clinic, what patients need to know before their eye…
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10 Facts About Cataracts

1) Cataracts are the most common cause of blindness in the world today According to the World Health Organisation, 51% of worldwide blindness is caused by cataracts - a figure…
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Taking a closer look at eyes and technology

An incredibly complex combination of cornea, pupil, iris, lens, choroid, sclera, macula, vitreous gel and optic nerve which transmits visual information captured by the light sensing retina to the brain…
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